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English physical education project


We make a way in the world !!

High qualified international sports development!

Takayuki Fujimura, a representative of the current IGS Academy, has worked as a nursery teacher and physical education teacher at U.S. school facilities and international schools. Taking advantage of the international education I have cultivated over the years, I have started a program to teach physical education in English called "English Physical Education Project" in order to foster "communication skills", "self-improvement" and "ability to choose" which are thought to be insufficient for Japanese children. This project was also intended to provide "an opportunity" to go abroad using the "English" language as a tool.

In 2018, I received voices from many local governments and companies, and as part of the "Tokyo Olympics 2020 Children's Development Program" we started PR activities for "English Physical Education Project" in public gymnasiums and school facilities.

What is Physical Education Project ?

Human resource development to play an active role in the world

Improves the athletic ability of the “body”
Bring out the "individuality" that self-confidence develops
In "English communication" to fight in the world
You will acquire the "ability to choose" to live.

​「IGS Method」x 「English


IGS method

It was developed based on the national standard of physical education curriculum approved by "SHAPE AMERICA (National Sports Sports Foundation)".

We will build a way of physical education and acquire "body", "individuality" and "ability to choose" in various athletic competitions that even beginners can enjoy. This is an original international sports education program aimed at academics.

IGS method standard

Health : Improvement of "exercise ability"

Individuality : Knowing the "body"

Self-Esteem : Increase "self-affirmation"

Personality : Understanding each other with "individuality"

English Language : Learn "English Communication"

Choice of ability : Acquire "ability to choose"

With "Fun" and "Enjoy" as our motto
A high quality environment where you can learn English

All lessons are conducted in an English environment.

In addition to simply moving, the coach will give you "thoughts" in a quiz format.

Then, exercise while outputting by voice.

At first, we will give guidance using simple "English words", and as we get used to it, we will explain the reason and explain in "sentences".

YouTube channel

Mr. Taka's English Physical Education Supplement

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What IGS is aiming for

Unleashing children's potential through English physical education at IGS Academy

We provide an environment where children can acquire "individuality," "confidence," and "ability to choose" at an early stage.

Furthermore, we take pride in our role to provide "triggers" to attract interest overseas in an English environment.

From there, we aim to produce many children overseas.

I believe that in the near future, IGS Academy will have human resources who can play an active role in the international community.

YouTube channel

Mr. Taka's English Physical Education Supplement

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IGS method

IGS method
Long-term education method based on Western education
"Individuality" "Self-affirmation" "Ability to choose"

In principle, coaches do not have a competitive program in ranking. We will give guidance to praise each person without comparing with others. We have adopted a Western training system that gives various events and makes our strengths "like". In addition, in teaching skills, we will provide guidance that gives time and choices to make people think without giving answers, and develop their ability to solve problems.

IGS original physical education program
"Improvement of basic motor skills" "Chelen spirit"

We will carry out a wide variety of physical education activities conducted at overseas schools by theme. It also includes a program that incorporates a game format that allows you to enjoy exercising. Through physical education, while mainly developing "basic motor skills", we will learn the importance of friends and the spirit of challenge, and aim to improve the sense of accomplishment, self-expression, judgment, etc. in various events. ..

Learn English while having fun exercising
"Output" "Communication"

In principle, coaches do not provide guidance such as reading and writing. Give yourself time to think about what was asked in a quiz format. You can recognize English by moving your body while imagining what you output with your voice. From there, as you get used to it by eliminating "English allergies", your hearing will grow and you will be able to communicate in English.

Lesson flow

Warm up


Explain what you will do in the lesson in English

Perform whole body exercises and brain training using your legs and arms



Thematic training will be provided. While following various themes such as "agility" and "ball handling", we also provide training that includes familiar ball games and skipping rope elements.
In the game, what you did in the training will be done in a teamwork format.

Review / Q & A


At the end, we will answer questions in English to review the lesson content.


PDF file

PDF file

10 Action Guidelines

These 10 articles are the action guidelines that our staff cherishes.
In addition to telling children in words, it is an action that they experience through lessons.



Let's work hard!


speak in your words

Don't be shy and speak openly!



Let's challenge what we can't do!



Show what you are good at!


Failure is a step towards success

Don't be afraid to make mistakes!



Let's work hard!



Feel the importance of your friends!


Feel the change

Experience achieving what you couldn't do!


Return to origin

Let's take care of the basics!

1 0


Let's connect what we have experienced to confidence!

Guidance policy

In early childhood education, we believe that the first priority is to provide an environment of various experiences.

If you are obsessed with one thing, it will be difficult for you to choose the best way for you in your future life in society. It is no exaggeration to say that if you have the ability to make choices, you can take a wide variety of actions when you enter society.

English physical education is not a training program that trains athletes.

Through various exercise programs, we will teach children with the hope that they will learn the "body" for living and that they will play an active role overseas with a communication tool called English.

It is a major premise to make it a fun lesson I will try to praise

We will try to create a lesson atmosphere where children can feel "fun" as if they said "play is something to say". However, let them understand that doing their best is "real fun" rather than just playing. I will keep in mind the lessons that are sharp even in a fun atmosphere.

Give time to set up "thoughts" and value free "speaking"

We will adopt a teaching method based on Western education unique to IGS Academy and actively accept free remarks. Instead of repeatedly returning "NO" and negative words to the words you say, I will try to use words that are returned with "advice and encouragement" at Encollage. However, rants are excluded.

"Do" and "Do not do" are self-judgment

I don't think it is education to force people to do it. You will "dislike" what is happening now.

As time goes by, I would like you to warmly watch over entering at your own timing.

Discipline points

While respecting the character of the child and giving it a free atmosphere, we will try to create a good atmosphere while being conscious of sharpness, such as presenting clear rules and sometimes giving strict guidance if there is something contrary to it.

"Points to give strict guidance" Abuse by words to others, obstruction during lessons, if you do not follow the rules in the facility



Q: Which outfit should I wear to participate?

A: There is no problem as long as it is easy to move. However, please remove the items with metal fittings.

Q: Why are you taking lessons barefoot?

A: The main reasons are to allow the toes to move freely, to grow the arch, and to activate the brain by stimulating the soles of the feet.

Q: Do you have what you need?

A: Water bottle, change of clothes (optional), towel * Available for purchase

Q: Is it possible to tour?

A: Due to space limitations, tours are basically not possible. However, we will set up a tour day once every two months. For tours, the maximum number of people per family is one. In addition, private language interferes with lessons and concentration on children, so please be kind to us.

Q: Both parents and children can't speak English, is that okay?

A: No problem at all.
In principle, instructions will be given in English during the lesson, but please be assured that we will follow up in Japanese until you get used to it for first-time children. Please be assured that all procedures and handouts are written in Japanese, and the staff will basically speak in Japanese with their parents.

Q: My child has a lot of shyness and location, can I participate?

A: No problem at all.
Every child starts by getting used to the environment little by little. Also, if you try to force yourself to participate from the beginning and dislike exercise and English, you will not have any children. As you gradually become accustomed to the facilities and coaches while observing the lessons, your child will naturally be able to participate enthusiastically. Please be assured that the coaches will take care of your child's personality and other factors.

Q: How is hygiene management done?

A: The staff carefully cleans and disinfects every day.
Facilities such as coats and tour spaces are cleaned daily to maintain a clean and comfortable space, and the equipment used during lessons is also sterilized daily. We also ask all visitors to cooperate in disinfecting their hands and wearing masks (depending on the situation).

Voice of parents

Please see the impressions received from the parents of the students who actually joined the academy.


Kinder class (infant)

My son, who started to be interested in English, participated in the classroom hoping that he could learn English while playing while moving his body.

The coach will teach and repeat according to his son's understanding. Honestly, my son still has a lot of reactions, but he moves a lot like a game and it's a fun time every time.

I think that I am able to cultivate an attitude of taking on challenges without being ashamed of mistakes and mistakes.


Kinder class (infant)

Originally I loved to move my body, and when I was told that I wanted to learn how to use my body, I learned that there was an English physical education class, and I had the opportunity to experience it.

At the beginning, I was not accustomed to various activities, I did not understand the teacher's questions in English very much, I was embarrassed, I could not feel the attitude to actively work, and I was worried whether I could continue. However, it's been 3 months since I started learning.

When I saw the lesson during the parent tour, I was surprised and impressed by the growth of my three-month-old son. First of all, I felt the attitude of improving motor skills and actively challenging the first training.

I couldn't do it before, and I often gave up, but I changed my attitude to try while saying "I can do it!".

While exercising and having fun, I felt that English was also fun, and I no longer felt that I was not good at it. Even if I made a mistake, I felt a smile and growth when I was talking with my teacher in English every day to convey my feelings.

Both Taka-sensei and Hugo-sensei look closely at the children and praise and extend their good points, so they seem to love him.

I think that English physical education, which allows you to acquire movements that can be used in various sports, rather than just moving your body, will have a positive effect on your son's growth process.


Elementary class (elementary school student)

The reason I started was when I was taught at the Daejeon Gymnasium, but my son, who is shy, wants to do it himself! said.

Since coach Taka and coach Hugo are speaking in English, you can see how they are listening intensively. Also, if you don't understand, tell me in Japanese, and I'm having a good time with laughter.
I heard that he was thinking about a different menu every time and was using his whole body.


Elementary class (elementary school student)

It is good that you can use your holidays effectively because it is easy to start with a ticket system.

The lessons seemed to have a sense of accomplishment for the children themselves to concentrate on using the whole body in a short time rather than the physical education class in Japan.

Beginning with movements that are easy for children to accept, they are well instructed. Above all, I keep taking a shower in English, so it seems that English naturally comes in from my body, not from my head. It's a short day so I'm looking forward to the future.


Elementary class (elementary school student)

I used to go to other English classes, but when I was thinking about how to manage the time, I started to think that this class had a ticket system and I could attend without difficulty.

I can move my body while learning English, and I am two birds with one stone, and the content of the lesson is changed little by little each time, so the words that appear and the content of the conversation also change, so children are taking lessons happily. I will.

It's been about 3 months since I started, so I think my conversation skills will grow, but it seems that I can hear the words that appear in the key points.


IGS Social Contribution

English physical education is also active outside the Kanto prefecture in collaboration with each company as an infrastructure for international education.

With the support of local governments, we are also expanding business trip event activities at public school facilities.

In addition, at charity events, children will donate clothing that they no longer need.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities at international schools, nursery schools and kindergartens

Educational institution event activities

Event activities at each public school and school children's facility

Charity activities

Japan Committee for UNICEF and World Gift Charity Event Activities



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