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About the IGS method

What is IGS Method?

We do not teach any specific sports at our academy. Our students learn motor skills that will help them stay fit through various games and sports in English!


About IGS Method

About IGS Method

IGS Academy does not teach any specific sports. We lead our students to improve their general athletic abilities such as their knowledge of their own bodies and self-defense skills and social life skills while helping them broaden their perspectives on sports. Furthermore, we strive to aid students to understand their own possiblities through our curriculum. Our holistic program does not only help students to be better at sports, but also grow them as human beings.

IGS Academy's Standard


At IGS Academy, we value these main 6 areas mentioned below.

HEALTH ... Improving the physical skills
INTERNATIONAL MIND ... Understanding different cultures, religions and traditions

SELF-ESTEEM ... Growing self-esteem and broadening the possiblities of children
PERSONAL AWARENESS ... Knowing more about yourselves
ENGLISH AS A LANGUAGE ... Improving English skills
CHOOSE FOR YOURSELF ... Developing decision making skills


[Logo] Shape America.webp

SHAPE AMERICA (National Foundation for Sport and Physical Education) is a physical education training method used in public schools in the U.S. It is not just a philosophy for sports, but includes standards for "health," "developing your own body," and "creating your own self," and the IGS method is based on these.

What is ADAPT?


ADAPT is a parkour program developed in the United Kingdom and our coaches are certified by the group to teach parkour skills. The program is structured to improve motor skills that uses your entire body. We also learn how to protect yourselves from natural disasters such as earthquakes, while also participating in activities such as parkour tags and parkour races.


Characteristics of IGS Method

Characteristics of IGS Method


Long-term education method based on European education style

Skills You Learn

Personality, Self-Esteem and Decision Making Skills

We generally do not rank students even in competitive games. We do not want our students to compare themselves to each other, and therefore we praise each and one of them rather than giving them grades. Furthermore, when teaching the techniques, we do not give answers straight away in order for them to grow their ability to think on their own.


International Standard P.E. Program Unique to IGS Academy

Skills to acquire and develop

Basic Physical Skills / Challenging Spirit

Term by term, we incorporate various P.E. activities that are implemented at schools abroad. Also we involve fun game-based activities that children enjoy. Our students will be learning basic motor skills while also learning the importance of teamworks and challenging spirit. We aim to grow their sense of accomplishment, ability to express themselves and decision makingg skills through the course.


Students will get used to English while having fun

Skills You Learn

Ability to voice your opinion and communicate

Our coaches do not teach how to read or write English. Instead, we value the verbal outputs by challenging them with quizzes. This alleviate childrens' "English allergies", get them used to English environments and improve their English listening skills. This will provide a good base for English communication.



Our Curriculum

  • We hold 41 - 43 classes in total every year.
  • We follow Japanese calendar for the holidays (we have no classes on holidays).
Kinder Course (Age: 3-6)
Term 1

Theme: Know Your Body

April to June

  • Learn basic motor skills (running, jumping and landing)

  • Learn how to dodge the opponents through various tag games

  • Jump ropes

Term 2

Theme: Learning the importance of how to handle things

July to November

  • Learn how to use tools (balls, rackets and hockey sticks)

  • Learn how to throw, kick and hit using the tools

Term 3

Theme: Know how to protect your bodies, learn about basic rhythmic movements

November to March

  • Parkour

  • Animal Games

  • Basic Gymnastics

  • Drum Fit (Japanese taiko-inspired rhythm game)

Elementary Course (Age: 6-12)
Term 1

Theme: Know how to use and move your body

April to June

  • Learn basic movement techniques (running, jumping, landing, etc.)

  • Learn how to use your eyes and body to avoid opponents in a variety of team tag games

  • Combat Sports

  • Learn different skipping variations

Term 2

Theme: Learn how to use tools, learn teamworks through games and team sports

July to November

  • Learn how to use equipment (ball, racket, hockey stick)

  • Learn to use tools to perform actions such as throwing, kicking, gripping, hitting, and striking.

  • Learn about cooperation through team-based games and ball games

Term 3

Theme: Learn how to protect your bodies, learn basic rhythmic moves

November to March

  • Parkour

  • Drum Fit, a drum-shaped rhythm competition

Advanced Course (Age 6-15)

​※ This course is for students who excel in other courses. The age written here is only a guideline.

Term 1

Theme: Fitness and physical performance test

  • Learn how to dodge the opponents through various team tag games

  • Learn important components of fitness such as how to breathe

  • Combat games

  • Learn more on jump ropes (double jump, Double Dutch)

Term 2

Theme: Learn about team sports and games involving balls

  • Learn how to use tools (balls, rackets and hockey sticks)

  • Through games such as Spike Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Port Ball, Tchouk Ball, Speed Ball, learn how to utilise spaces and think logically

Term 3

Theme: Self-defense

  • Parkour (including parkour tags)

  • Speed runs

  • Learn how to defend yourself from natural disasters and avoid dangers


Action Guidelines

Action Guidelines

​These 10 points are the action guidelines of our coaches. Our coaches do not only communicate these through words but through actions too, so our students can have deeper understanding of these important guidelines.



Enjoy the classes and the activities


Use your own words

Don't be embarassed, speak up



Challenge yourself to do more



Show what you've got through actions


Mistakes makes perfect

Don't fear the mistakes



Think on your own



Feel the importance of your teammates


Feeling the change

Know that nothing can stop you


Back to the basics

Know the importance of the basics!


Grow your confidence

Grow your confidence from what you experienced



Recommended By


Max Fouracre

Max Foracre


Max is a part of Chelsea Football Club in England. He works as a football coach while also playing an active role as a technical support and a coordinator of football schools.

IGS Academy provides a program where your children can learn the basic motor skills. The curriculum is a great base for your children to learn other physical skills on top of it.

IGS Academy's great base program and the support of the coaches are very effective way for your children to improve their athletic skills. No matter what sports your children chooses in the future, I am sure this will be a great starting point.


Christopher Anderson

Chris Anderson


Chris is working as a TESOL tutor at Merborne University, Australia, and is also responsible for Master's Degree internship program of the same university.

IGS Academy is providing a unique English program to children. The program is constructed based on the philsophy of education, and it also helps children by connecting movements to language learning.

This is called TPF (Total Physical Response), a variation of language learning, and I would say that this is a very effective approach when it comes to English learning.

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