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Physical Education Project

Physical Education Project

In one-on-one lessons

Acquire 4 skills!

▶ Reading

▶ Listening

▶ Writing

▶ Speaking

Takayuki Fujimura, a representative of the current IGS Academy, has worked as a nursery teacher and physical education teacher at U.S. school facilities and international schools. Taking advantage of the international education I have cultivated over the years, I have started a program to teach physical education in English called "English Physical Education Project" in order to foster "communication skills", "self-improvement" and "ability to choose" which are thought to be insufficient for Japanese children. This project was also intended to provide "an opportunity" to go abroad using the "English" language as a tool.

In 2018, I received voices from many local governments and companies, and as part of the "Tokyo Olympics 2020 Children's Development Program" we started PR activities for "English Physical Education Project" in public gymnasiums and school facilities.


What is Physical Education Project ?

Anyway, I want to enjoy learning English
I want to eliminate resistance to English
I want to take lessons at a level that suits me
I want to improve my vocabulary
I want to improve my reading and writing skills
I want to be able to use English in the future
I want to go abroad

About the characteristics of online English conversation, which is different from the school type

Since 2000, advances in IT have made English conversation tools on smartphones and personal computers very popular.

In the conventional commuting type, it has been proved that the effect of improving "communication ability" and "language ability" can be demonstrated by having an English conversation while interacting with the instructor in a group type. Also, by paying a large amount of money, I was pushing with the catchphrase that had an impact, "Getting a language in a short period of time!".

Under such circumstances, as IT has progressed, it has changed to a style that allows online (on-screen) lessons, but online group type = "I can't learn on-screen", "I'm embarrassed if it's a group", "Short period" I have three problems: "It doesn't work."

In order to maintain the quality of "school type", we focused on "online one-on-one type" that can be offered at a reasonable price.

I strongly believe that this "online one-on-one type" allows you to acquire "communication skills" and "language skills" on a one-to-one basis without worrying about "embarrassment."

About English acquisition period

In Japan, there are many services that are very attractive for their "effects in a short period of time."

However, I feel that there are too many companies that treat English as "things and tools" for scoring in tests and use the phrase "acquisition in a short period of time".

Like Japanese, English is a "word" for living.

If you can get it in a short period of time, I think that few people are currently having trouble with English.

As mentioned earlier, by improving all four skills, you will be able to use English without difficulty.

At our ESL, it is important to first acquire the quality of the "basics" of English used in private life over a long period of time.

Please think that it will take one to two years for the "foundation" to be completed.

I strongly hope that as many people as possible will recognize English as a "word".

What IGS ESL Online values

  1. A detailed curriculum by qualified teachers
  2. Classes with fun as our motto
  3. Develop lessons with movement, not just sitting and listening
  4. Classes that improve not only "language" but also "expressiveness"
  5. "Input" "output" "shadowing" cycle

Achievement goal


Achievement goal list download →

Lesson overview

◆ Target age

From younger to sixth grade

* Considering ESL class for parents

◆ How to apply

First of all, please apply for a trial lesson.

Please fill in the required items from the "Inquiries" below.

① Child's name (Frigana)

② Parent's name (Frigana)

③ Grade / age

④ Phone number

⑤ Email address

⑥ Remarks column (inquiry)

* Please apply at least 3 days before the lesson.

Price list

☆ Preschoolers will have a "25 minute" class. Elementary school students can choose between "25 minutes" and "50 minutes".

☆ It is possible to take lessons more than once in a week, not on a weekly basis.

☆ You can take classes at your favorite time according to your private life.

☆ Because it is profiled, we can always provide lessons tailored to your child's English level.

☆ ESL admission fee and annual fee are free for English PE members. There is a discount on tuition fees.

☆ ESL only enrollment will be charged an annual fee.

☆ 1 month trial campaign system discount available

☆ We also have plans such as 3 times a month, so please feel free to contact us.


Lesson flow

  • 1


    Please do not hesitate to contact us about email.

  • 2

    Schedule adjustment

    Please coordinate the desired date with the instructor.

  • 3

    Take a trial lesson

    The instructor will check your English level in detail. If you want to take classes continuously, the flow is "4 Start of class".

  • 4

    Class start

    We will proceed with the lessons with a curriculum that matches the English level.

  • 5


    Give feedback using lines and ZOOM.

Teaching materials used in elementary school classes

* Teaching material fee 5000 yen (tax included) * Shipping fee included will be charged separately

How to apply

If you would like a trial lesson, please fill out the necessary information from this "application form" and send it.

* Please apply at least 3 days before the lesson.

Lecturer introduction

Orion English

Lives in Miyagi prefecture

Teaching history:

12 years in total at a major / individual English conversation school

private lesson



Eiken Level 1

Kindergarten type 2 license


As an English teacher, Emi is an experienced teacher who has taught English conversation and qualification exam English to many children and adults at English conversation schools and privately.

Lecturer Ms.Emi
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