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Studying abroad is not just about studying a language!

I hope that the study abroad program that IGS Academy considers will be an opportunity to learn about local culture and traditions and think about regional contributions, in addition to language studies.
It is also a time to be aware of the culture and traditions of your own country (Japan).

What is study abroad support?

What is the purpose of studying abroad?

I want to be able to speak English ...

I want to make friends with local people ...

I think each person is different.

I think that studying abroad is not just a language study, but also learning the local culture and traditions and knowing the ideas of the people who live there.

At the same time, it is time to be aware of the culture and traditions of the country in which you were born and raised (Japan). And I would like you to make use of what you have learned and send it out to yourself, and to have you like Japan again.

Through the study abroad program, I hope that human resources who want to contribute to society, who have pride and confidence in themselves, and who take leadership and play an active role will be born.

We strongly hope to give as many people as possible an opportunity to study abroad, and we are proposing various study abroad programs.


Short-term study abroad in Australia

Target age: Elementary school to university students

Australia has no time difference and is geographically familiar to Japanese people.

Why not experience overseas in Melbourne, which is a big city and has a European atmosphere.

This program is a hands-on format for beginners to intermediates who can use the English learned in the morning immediately in the afternoon.


Study abroad in England soccer

Target age: 8 to 18 years old

England, one of the soccer kingdoms with many prestigious clubs. Why don't you study abroad in soccer at home?

Here, under the guidance of a soccer coach, we aim to improve both language skills and soccer skills while working hard with other international students.

Chelsea FC, Manchester City FC


British soccer coach

FA1 license course

Target age: 20 years old

England, one of the soccer kingdoms with many prestigious clubs. Why not get a soccer coach license at home? Here, under the guidance of a local British coach, you will take a short-term instructor course while taking a practical English shower in an environment where there are no Japanese people.

  • There is no course program at the language school, but options can be added if desired.

  • If you would like the FA2 course, please contact us.


American IMG Academy

"IMG ACADEMY" in Florida, USA has produced the famous tennis player Kei Nishikori, various athletes and excellent human resources.

We have an environment where you can concentrate on various sports, not just tennis. We have a one-week plan for this IMG Academy.

* This is a contract with an IMG Academy Japan authorized distributor.


Junior college, university study abroad

We also have plans for studying abroad at universities and junior colleges. Recommended for those who want to study abroad in earnest. There is also a sports study abroad plan. You can study abroad in Germany, mainly in English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. Studying abroad for a long period of time affects the way of thinking.

Reasons to recommend studying abroad at university

Short-term study abroad for a few weeks is fine, but I would like to study abroad in earnest. It is a long-term study abroad plan that fulfills such hopes. From the old world to the new world. You can meet the scenery that you have never seen and the perspective that is completely different from the way of life that you have been thinking about. Time to think about what you want to do and how you want to live is precious, and spending your days in a different culture is not just about improving your language skills, but also about yourself. It is also an important time to face yourself.


Overview of short-term study abroad in the United States

Target age: Toddler-university student

It is a plan to stay in Orlando, Florida, USA for a week. At a condominium hotel type, I will live a petite life in the United States for a week. It is a fulfilling program that even beginners can enjoy so that they will be interested in the United States and Florida with a one-week petit study abroad plan.

Why Florida?

Florida, USA is comfortable in a warm climate and has various facilities. Stay in a Hilton condo hotel type in Orlando, Florida for a week of American experience. Local Japanese will go to various amusement parks and sightseeing spots together, so it is a plan that can be relieved even for those who are still uneasy about language.

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