Representative greeting

Hello everyone! My name is Takayuki Fujimura, the representative of IGS Academy. It is called Taka. I went to a high school in Canada and a university in the United States and had many friends. Originally, I was not good at English, but wanted the purpose and meaning of studying English. When I was in junior high school, a friend I met at my homestay didn't understand Japanese at all. I used the paper dictionary I was using at the time and had conversations using only unfamiliar English words. The conversation with this word inspired me to become interested in foreign countries. I still remember the feeling that communication in English is so much fun. As I quit going to high school in Japan, went to high school in Canada, and studied education at an American university, I had a dream of becoming a teacher. I have gained a lot of experience as a teacher at a local nursery school, kindergarten, and elementary school. After returning to Japan, I used the experience I had cultivated in Canada and the United States to teach native students from infants to junior high school students for many years at an international school in Tokyo. At one point, I began to wonder if I could spread the "education theory" I learned in the United States and the "physical education" I taught in Japan. "PhysED Project-English Physical Education Project" to learn English while having fun while exercising with the desire to nurture as many children as possible with "communication skills," "self-improvement," and "ability to choose," which Japanese people think are lacking. -"is. I myself have experienced various sports in Canada and the United States for many years, and my communication skills in English have improved further. It is very important to come into contact with "English" from an early age, and in order to develop "motor skills" for children, we will give them "choices" in various "sports competitions" and go out into society. I think it is important to have the "ability to choose" as the power to live. This is not the only wish I have. I hope that you will be able to use the tool of English to send human resources overseas and play an active role as a Japanese person through "study abroad support" from an early stage, and I believe that you can do so. We are very much looking forward to seeing you! Please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

IGS Academy Founder Representative

CEO of Raise Your Co., Ltd.

English Physical Education Head Coach Manager

Takayuki Fujimura

Coach introduction
PhysED Project-English Physical Education-
Mr. Hugo


Qualification etc.

-Graduated from the field of human dynamics (a discipline related to physical education and sports science) with excellent results and obtained a bachelor's degree

-After graduation, obtain a certificate of completion in pedagogy

-Experienced as a teacher in Hong Kong (Sunderland)

-Experienced swimming (swimming) and water safety coach at the Australian Swimming Coach & Teachers Association

-Experienced IRB (International Rugby Football Union) Level 1 Rugby Coach

-Completed the first aid course of the Hong Kong Red Cross

English version

Coach (or sensei) Hugo has been teaching children for over 7 years, covering a range of sports including swimming, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball and rugby. He was a competitive swimmer during high school and played water polo while completing a bachelor degree of Sports sciences. Before moving to Japan, he worked as a PE teacher and coached several sports in Hong Kong.


Mr. Keita

Message to children

I want to learn English through sports and convey the joy of going abroad to experience various things and communicate.


-Teikyo Heisei University

-Faculty of Human Care

-Department of Physical Function Care

-Trainer / Judo rehabilitation course

-Experience working at osteopathic clinic

-Experience studying abroad in England and London


-Judo rehabilitation teacher

-Japan Football Association official D-class coach

-England Football Association Level 1 Coach

-England Football Association Talent Identification Level 1

Study abroad support support
Office staff
Ms. Eriko

Nice to meet you. This is Eriko Ishiguro. I am in charge of study abroad support. As I interacted with international students at university, I began to want to study abroad, so I went to California, USA for a year as an exchange student. My major was sociology, but meeting people of various nationalities, majors, and ages had a major impact on my life after that. After working as a teacher at a public junior high school and supporting international students at a university, I am currently teaching English mainly at private junior and senior high schools. And I am working as a study abroad support staff at IGS Academy with the hope that I can make the most of my study abroad experience and want my children to go abroad and have a broader perspective. In addition, I got a qualification as a Japanese teacher with the keyword of international exchange. I would like to support studying abroad from this academy while valuing Japanese language and culture. Thank you!

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