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Message From The Ambassadors


Max Fouracre

Max Fouracre

British football club team

  • Coach

  • Senior Technical Support Officer in charge of Asia

  • International Football Development Coordinator


The IGS Academy has a program for children to learn basic physical movements.

It is also the basis for acquiring various motor functions.


The IGS Academy's excellent foundation program is effectively designed to provide full support and athletic performance for coaches.

It will be a starting point for any sport your child chooses in the future.

Chris Anderson

Christopher Anderson

TESOL (Tutor in the area of teaching English as a second foreign language and a specialist in a master's internship program) at the University of Melbourne, Australia.



IGS Academy offers children a unique English language program. It is based on the research and philosophy of field education that links their physical movements with the acquisition of a second foreign language.


TPF Total Physical Response: Using your body to learn words is an effective approach to improving your English communication skills.

The IGS Academy's sports and adventure programs are very interesting with learning methods made by new research. At the same time, it promotes a healthy lifestyle and teaches children what the world is like by interacting with foreign teachers and conducting the latest and most effective programs.

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