Company profile

Company name: Raise Your Co., Ltd.

Established: August 8, 2018

President and CEO: Takayuki Fujimura

Office Address: 1-7-2-201 Unoki, Ota-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 070-1306-6286

Corporate Philosophy

We aim for “self-improvement, communication” cultivated in international understanding education and “human development” through sports and physical education, support human resources who can compete in the international community, and provide an opportunity to “open the way for self-confidence”. ..

Management guidelines

1. Give various choices

2. Develop self-improvement

3. Develop communication skills

4. Have a challenging spirit

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1-7-2-201 Unoki, Ota-ku, Tokyo 146-0091

TEL: 070-1306-6286 * You may not be able to answer the phone while the lesson is available. In that case, please leave a message on the answering machine or contact us using the inquiry form.

business hours

Tue-Sat (email only)

10:00 AM-18: 00PM

Regular holiday

Sundays, Mondays, holidays



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